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The library is tax-supported by the residents who live in the library district. Check your St. Clair County Real Estate Tax bill. If Smithton Public Library District is listed as a ‘Taxing Body’ under ‘Distribution’, then you are eligible for a library card.

If you do not live in the library district, but own property in the district (personal or for a business), please call the library to inquire about obtaining a library card.  As always, if you are unsure about if you can get a library card, please call the library and ask.  We’re more than happy to help! Our phone number is 618-233-8057.

Obtaining A Library Card

Present proof of identity, residency, and/or ownership by:

1. Presenting a photo ID


2. Real estate tax bill, lease agreement, or utility bill showing a legal residency within the Library District.

Minors age 5-15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to obtain a borrower’s card.

Non-Residents Non-residents of SPLD, who are not resident of any other Library taxing district or body, may obtain a card, valid for one year, by paying the non-resident card fee and presenting photo identification. (Non-resident fee is currently $132, effective July 1, 2021.) Effective July 1, 2022, the non-resident fee will be $124.

A $2 fee will be charged to replace a lost card.

SMITHTON PUBLIC LIBRARY DISTRICT’S Loan Period and Fines Schedule (Circulation Policy)

Books, general material: 3 week loan period, 15 cents per day late fee
Movies, Video Games and Fishing Poles: 1 week loan period, $1.00 per day late fee
TV Series: 2 week loan period, $1.00 per day late fee
Music recordings: 1 week loan period, 50 cents per day late fee
Internet Hotspots*: 2 week loan period, $5.00 per day late fee
Equipment: 2 week loan period, $5.00 per day late fee

Items must be returned to the library by closing time on the due date for late fees not to be incurred. Fines will total no more than the replacement cost of an item.

Lost or damaged items will result in a charge for the replacement value of the item.

A balance of $5.00 or more on a patron account will result in the suspension of library privileges until the fine is paid below $5.00.

*A household (residents living at the same physical address) may check out 1 Internet Hotspot at any one time.


Please note that items from other libraries may have different loan periods than those listed above.  Your due date will be listed on your receipt. You may also log in to our card catalog to check your due date, renew items, place holds and more!

To renew items online, please log into our Online Card Catalog.

You will need your 13 digit barcode and password that you created when you registered for a library card. If you have problems, please call us at 618-233-8057.  We are happy to help!

Notary Services are available by appointment only.  There is no cost for these services.

Please contact the library at 618-233-8057 to schedule an appointment.

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The Homebound Outreach Program (HOP) provides FREE library delivery services to individuals who are Smithton Public Library District residents and are unable to physically come to the Smithton Public Library. 

You must have a current Smithton Public Library District card and be 18 years old to participate in this program.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for the Homebound Outreach Program:

1) visit the library for a paper copy of the Homebound Outreach Program Application or print it at home (link below) and return it to the library desk. Make sure you read over the Patron Requirements list (also linked below) before signing the Homebound Outreach Program Application.

2) Expect a phone call or in-person interview from Cinda Leech to discuss the best way the Smithton Public Library District can serve you!

Contact Us

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving homebound services, you can:

  • email the Homebound Program Coordinator Cinda Leech at with any questions
  • call 618-233-8057 with any questions
  • fill out and return your printed application form, linked below.

More Information

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You can log into our database called “Newsbank Newspapers” to see the latest digital editions of newspapers, such as the Belleville News Democrat, St. Louis Post Dispatch and USA Today.

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The library now offers wireless printing.

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We have various apps that you can download from your favorite app store to check out econtent from the library. In most cases, you need your library card and password/PIN to access these databases.

Libby, By Overdrive



With Hoopla, you will create a username (email address) and password specifically for your Hoopla account. You will use your patron barcode and password/PIN to verify that you have a Smithton PLD library card during the signup process. When you log into Hoopla after you set up your account, you will use your username (email address) and password that you created specifically for Hoopla.


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Check out our Library of Things page on the online card catalog — from here you can place a hold from home (or anywhere with a web browser) using your barcode and password (PIN) to log-in!

We have mobile internet hotspots, jigsaw puzzles, fishing poles, a LCD projector, a car diagnostic tool, and an auto-leveling laser.