Trouble comes in genders:

The Last Thing He Told Me | Laura Dave

Male: This husband and father takes off in a suspect manner when the business he works for goes under. Female: Wife and stepmom researches her husband’s activities when the public announcement is made that the business was a failure, leaving plenty of people without their investments.

Is he on the run from a con-game gone wrong? Is the hidden stash he left with his daughter meant for a certain purpose? How many secrets can one keep juggling in the air at once? If stepmom goes to the police/agency/rangers that are looking for her husband, is she betraying his trust or committing a worse sin than his crimes?

This Close to Okay | Leesa Cross-Smith

Male: Suicidal guy is talked down from jumping, starts a long road toward healing. Female: His rescuer and house-host doesn’t want to scare him off from legitimate therapy by announcing her profession, thereby creating some questionable omissions of the truth.

Is there even a bad guy in this story? Can their bruises be treated with the salve of human-kindness?

Ten Rules for Faking It | Sophia Sullivan

Male A: The rotten ex that cheated with someone else in their bed ON HER BIRTHDAY! Male B: The new radio manager/director who is TOO CUTE for consideration. Female: Anxious radio program manager just turned thirty and she is NOT HAPPY.

She swears off men in a far too public manner, giving birth to a contest idea over the radio show. A list of competitor ‘dates’ are scheduled for her perusal while listeners and fans bet on who will make it through to the end. All this plot needs is the ex’s tell-all boo… ohhhh… not a lucky year for our main character.

Good Girl, Bad Girl | Michael Robotham

The walking wounded of a family slaughter has grown up to become a psychologist for the police department, and not without some awkward adjustments. Female: On the edge of adulthood, she’s the survivor of a childhood full of torture and secrets. In trying to establish her autonomy away from the government, she must endure his company and authority as her guardian, however busy his job keeps him.

Investigating together, they work on more recent crimes and secrets, trying to find justice for a promising young skater. NOTE: You don’t get all the answers you’d like because it is the start of a series.

Undead and Unwed | MaryJanice Davidson

Female: Betsy, on the worst possible birthday, is late to work, fired/let go, reeks of her garlicky lunch, is attacked by a mob of bitey strangers, deals with the detective and antiseptic from her ordeal, AND is hit by a car all on the same day. Males? Oh yes… there are some impressive males in this story. One of them is Detective Nick – he’s good looking enough to remind Betsy how long it’s been since she had sex. Then there’s Nostro, a tacky wannabe vampire king that has no idea how to treat a modern woman. But finally, there’s Eric Sinclair… mmmmmmmm… and he’s definitely the most trouble of them all.

Does Betsy have what it takes to survive the worship of her followers and demands of their beliefs? Can Betsy retain ownership of her vintage heel collection against the grabby wrath of her stepmother? Will Betsy take up the position and responsibilities of vampire queen? Queen Betsy… hrm.
Special note: this is one of the series that I recommend for out-loud laughter. I can’t help myself – it doesn’t matter how many times I reread this series, I’m consistently disturbing someone else around me with my chortles from behind the pages.

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