Tax Forms

Tax Time is here, and any paper forms that we receive will be in the vestibule area (mid-February 2020).

If you would like to print your own forms at the library, we will print the first two copies of the FORMS for FREE.

You may print out ONE instruction booklet for FREE at the library.  You will have to pay for the printing of more than one INSTRUCTION BOOKLET, as they can be a lot of pages (15 cents per page for black and white, single sided or 20 cents per page for double sided).  You are also free to read the instruction booklet online at the library.

Please use these links to download and print the necessary tax forms:

IL Individual Tax Forms (Tax Year 2020)

IL Business Tax Forms (Tax Year 2020)

MO Individual Tax Forms (Tax Year 2020)

Federal Tax Forms (Tax Year 2020)

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