Overdrive Content Migrating to [3M] Cloud Library

Libraries in the Lewis & Clark Digital Consortium are delighted to announce the consolidation of our eBook collections to one platform! The Cloud Library is now our exclusive platform for eBooks and downloadable audiobooks. [The Cloud Library is the new name for the 3M Cloud Library that you have used in the past, as it was acquired last year by Bibliotheca.]

If you are already using the Cloud Library, you know that it is very easy to use. For those of you who are new to the Cloud Library, please visit http://www.yourcloudlibrary.com/index.php/en-us/ to get set up or grab our general how-to brochure. We think you’ll love it.

If you have been using the Lewis & Clark Digital Consortium (Overdrive) for eBooks and downloadable audiobooks, please be aware that this service is migrating to the Cloud Library effective July 1, 2016; the links you use to access this collection will no longer work after that date. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause. But know that all the titles that were available in the Overdrive consortium remain available to you (with very few exceptions). Also be aware that the migration will take a few weeks for the titles formerly available through Overdrive to appear in the Cloud Library.

If you are a Kindle user, please be advised that the Kindle Fire works with the Cloud Library, but basic Kindles do not. You may have another device, such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer that you can use to access the Cloud Library.

It’s very easy to sign up for and use the Cloud Library. If you find you need a little help, simply stop in or contact your local library for one-on-one assistance; we are more than happy to assist you during this transition. We also have a web page dedicated to the Cloud Library, that may be able to answer some of your questions.

Through this migration and consolidation you can look forward to an expanded selection of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks all in one easy-to-use place. Additionally, by doing this, your participating public library is saving money that can then be used for other titles or services. Happy reading and listening!

We thank you for your patience as we transition over to the Cloud Library platform, and we will be sure to let you know when the process is finalized.

Please note that with this new transition, you will be able to see all of the ebook and eaudiobooks that we offer through the online card catalog.  No more searching Overdrive after you’ve looked in our catalog for titles that you want; they will be all in one place.

Should you want to talk to someone at the library about this transition, please contact library director Jenna Dauer by calling 233-8057.  Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Items checked out or placed on hold by patrons in Overdrive will not transfer over to the Cloud Library. Patrons will need to recheck out any unfinished titles or replace their holds in the Cloud. There will be a small delay between the Overdrive platform shutting down and all of the content moving into the Cloud due to the time we must allow the eBook publishers to respond. Once we know when the transition has been completed, we will alert patrons.

Although the Cloud Library is incompatible with the original Kindle eReader and the newer Kindle Paperwhites/Voyages – it is possible to use it with the original Nook eReader, a Kobo eReader, or any other basic eReader that isn’t owned by Amazon. There’s a great video here that details how to download Cloud Library content to Nook or Kobo devices. Printed Instructions for downloading to Nook or Kobo eReaders can be found here.

The Cloud Library works great on a Kindle Fire once you get the app downloaded. Printed instructions for downloading to the different generations of the Amazon Kindle Fire can be found here.


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