Non-Fiction Books I Would Re-Read Over and Over Again

The Happiest Man on Earth | Eddie Jaku

Summary: Eddie Jaku, a Holocaust survivor, takes you through the story of his experience. He tells the horrifying experiences he encountered in Buchenwald, then Auschwitz, and finally on the death march. Through his story you learn lots of valuable life lessons. 

Recommendation: I thoroughly enjoy reading any book about the Holocausts, but this book stood out. You can feel the joy he gives off while reading the nightmarish details. He teaches you life lessons he learned through his experience. I loved this added twist. While his story is still in chronological order, it never leaves you bored. It really makes you realize that you can’t always control everything that happens to you, but you can always change your mindset. This book is a must read! 

Cole & Sav: our surprising love story | Cole LaBrant

Summary: Cole and Savannah LaBrant were living two completely different lives when they found each other. Savannah was a single mother after a devastating breakup. Cole was young and just beginning to learn about the goodness of God. Through the story they show how God works in magical and almost impossible ways. 

Recommendation: This book brought me back to non-fiction books! I finished this book in one day. The goodness of God is all through out the book. You learn how He worked in crazy ways in both of their lives.

A Stolen Life | Jaycee Dugard

Summary: Jaycee’s memoir takes you through the horrifying experience she experienced at the age of 11. She was taken at the bus stop right outside her home. Through the story, she takes you through the emotions and hardships she faced while living in a tent behind the Garrido’s home. Read the book to find out the rest… 

Recommendation: Every page shocks you with more and more trauma. You sympathy with Jaycee as she takes you through the story. If you heard about this story in the news, I highly recommend you read more. Your mind will be blown by what the Garrido’s got away with. 

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