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Lessons in Chemistry | Bonnie Garmus

Summary: Set mostly in the 1960’s in a male dominated science institute. A brilliant female scientist is trying to make her work recognized and appreciated by any method she can. Constantly ignored, put down and cheated by her male counterparts, she proves that women do have brains along with heart.

Recommendation: I adored this book and recommend it not only for women but anyone that are not recognized in the work force for their abilities. The characters are full, funny, determined and brave. For being a first time author the dialogue is quick and engaging. It has been made into a movie, which I definitely will see. Looking forward for more novels by this wonderful author.

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Remarkably Bright Creatures | Shelby Van Pelt

Summary: A giant Pacific octopus that talks, a 70 women still grieving over thirty years of the death of her son and a young man trying to find his way. These are the main characters in this fascinating story of hope and longing. It is a wonderfully full story of ordinary people living their lives even after devastating events.

Recommendation: The talking octopus got me in the first chapter, what a funny, remarkably creature, which explains the title. It is a sad, at times, but a wonderful story of endurance and challenges through life. It has a very complete and satisfying ending but don’t jump ahead or you’ll miss the good parts. Another first time author that I will be looking for more novels from. It is also wonderful as an audiobook, a very talented narrator.

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