Smithton Public Library District Internet Use Policy

Smithton Public Library District Internet Use Policy

1. While Internet service is provided on Library computers, the Library makes no guarantee that Internet service will be available at any given time. If the Library’s Internet service is unavailable for a known reason, users will be notified, if possible.

2. Library Internet computers are available for use on a first-come first-served basis. Patrons may sign-up at the Circulation Desk if there are no computers available.

3. Use of computers is limited to one person per computer at a time. Exceptions may be granted by library staff.

4. Patrons are to read the Internet Use Policy and abide by it. The Library reserves the right to restrict computer use based on violation of the Internet Rules.

5. There is a 30-minute per session limit on the use of the computers. The Library’s software manages patron sessions on the computers and patrons will be notified of the time remaining in their session. Sessions may be renewed for an additional 30-minutes if no one is waiting. Parents are responsible for children 15 and under using Library Internet computers. There are very limited exceptions to the library’s time limits on the Internet computers.

6. The library is not responsible for the content of any materials accessed through the Internet. Parents or guardians, NOT the library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Parental supervision of children searching the Internet is advised.

7. Use of headphones is permitted at Library computers, however, you must maintain a volume low enough not to disturb others. If Library staff receives complaints, or if your audio can be heard at the Circulation Desk, you will receive one warning to turn down the headphones. If not compliant, your session will be terminated without further warning and you will be unable to use the Library computers for the remainder of the day.

8. Inappropriate use of the Internet may result in suspension or revocation of Internet use.

The following activities are unacceptable:

• Use of the Internet for any purpose that results in the harassment of others.

• Destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized alteration of the library’s computer equipment, software, or security procedures. • Downloading (FTP) any software to library computers or to a disc.

• Contacting a source that contains lewd, obscene, and/or pornographic material.

• Participating in and/or observing a chat and/or instant messaging session that contains lewd, obscene, and/or pornographic material.

• Copying a program from the hard drive for personal use–this is a violation of federal law.

• Introducing viruses into the library’s software, databases, or e-mail in any way, re-arranging the computer desktop, or harming any library computers, networks, software, or automation systems in any way.

• Violating federal, state or local laws, including the transmission or receiving of child pornography or harmful material, fraud, or downloading copyrighted material.

9. Cost for printing materials from the computer shall be $0.15 (fifteen cents) per page for black and white copies and $0.50 (fifty cents) per page for color copies. Double-sided black and white copies are $0.20 (twenty cents) per page, and double-sided color copies are $0.75 (seventy-five cents) per page.  No exceptions will be made to this, even if you supply your own paper.

10. The Library also provides a wireless network for public use. Appropriate use of this network is subject to the same rules as use of the library’s computers.

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