“A little bit of summer” – Miss Linda’s Summer Picture Book Picks

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A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea | Michael Black

Summary: Summer is all about parades and fun! Could anything possibly be more fun than a pig parade!? You wouldn’t think so. But you’d be wrong. A pig parade is a terrible idea. 

Recommendation: Oh dear!  It sounded like such a good idea!  But what happens when you dress up pigs in band uniforms and want them to march down Main Street?  What happens will keep you and your children giggling until the very end of the book. 

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Read to Tiger | S. J. Fore

Summary: All the little boy wants is to settle down quietly and read his book. But that’s not so easy when there’s an imaginative tiger with an excess of energy behind the couch, wanting attention and someone to play with.

Recommendation: If your summer plans include checking out the big cats at the zoo, you’ll want to check out this playfully silly book about a tiger who just wants a little attention . . . 

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Rattletrap Car | Phillys Root

Summary: It’s hot. Hot, hot, hot! So Junie and Jake and Poppa and the baby want to go to the lake. But can they make it there in their rattletrap car? It doesn’t go fast, and it doesn’t go far . . .

Recommendation: Just a sweet delight!  Join Poppa, Junie, Jakey, and Baby, as their scheduled jaunt to the lake doesn’t go exactly as planned.  Will they be able to make it despite the antics of their Rattletrap car?  Great book for helping children develop an ear for rhyme.

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